About Us

Sowing Seeds For Better Tomorrow

In 2015, Akshaya Shrivastava and Atul Shrivastava founded the Crazy GkTrick YouTube Channel with the primary goal of providing educational support to students struggling to access adequate resources for government exam preparation. This initiative later evolved into the establishment of Firstroot Solution Private Limited.


Available courses

Aarambha Batch
Online Classes

GS Foundation Batch to improve in statick GK

SSC Target Batch

Improvement batches for mechanical engineering students

Online Classes

Special batches for students of ICAI, ICSI, and ICMA

Online Classes

Special batches for students of ICAI, ICSI, and ICMA

WHY Root- Crazy GK Trick

Encouraging a merit-based approach that values talent and skills.

Our Belief

At the heart of our values lies the firm belief that ensuring access to education for all is integral in creating a better future for everyone.

Our Vision

"Education empowers, and our goal is to provide it in a way that helps our students secure employment and keep pace with technological changes."

Our Journey

A Path that has impacted 'Millions of Life'

Atul Shrivastava and Akshay Shrivastava, originating from humble backgrounds, acknowledge the financial constraints faced by many who cannot afford the fees of prestigious coaching institutions. Subsequently, they started  Crazy GkTrick YouTube Channel to provide straightforward, accurate, and easily comprehensible educational content to all, with the intention of ensuring that education becomes a right rather than a privilege for all. Aligned with this vision, the Crazy GkTrick YouTube Channel has evolved into Firstroot Solution Private Limited.

In 2021, Dushyant Rajoria, sharing a common vision, joined Firstroot Solution Private Limited. Hailing from a lower-middle-class background, we were keenly aware of the pivotal role government jobs play for individuals in similar circumstances. Recognizing the current demand, we conceptualized a framework that enables students to access essential resources, including answer books, guides, and more, thereby assisting them in overcoming the formidable challenges presented by government examinations.